Friday, 18 May 2012

Since I Gave Up Hope (I Feel A Lot Better)

I can't take credit for the today's blog title. It's from the the 1987 Christian pop album, I Predict 1990, by Steve Taylor.

Taylor had a way of summing up the post modern world we live in a sarcastic, albeit humorous way. His lyrics often left you thinking, can a real Christian say that? One of his better known songs, I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good, was about killing abortionists.

I guess what he taught me was that healthy cynicism is good. That looking critically at a situation often allows an opposing viewpoint, 'thinking outside the box' if you will. I hate that phrase, it's back in the 80s with lateral thinking and brainstorming. However the point is relevant, open mindedness is the new philosophy.

Think of Obama supporting Gay marriage, a black president supporting a fundamental human right 25 years ago was unimaginable.  It takes a long time for a society to open up to new ideas, but if we are to successfully transform into a more equitable and ultimately more liveable world, we will need to.


Matthew Dalton said...

I always thought it was: “Since I gave up Coke, I feel a lot better.”

Anyway, great blog. Keep ‘em coming.


Good to see you writing again. Steve Taylor played a very important role with his lyrics. He was probably excluded from more than one Christian Festival for his stance but at the end of the day, he was right. It's good to see him saluted in your post. Matthew, not everything's about soft drinks, you do know that? :0)

Stephen Buck said...

Thanks guys.

I must admit, I do feel a lot better since I gave up coke.

You guys keep your blogs going too.