Friday, 18 December 2009

Waiting for the Sirens Call

Just because I love rambling, angsty Britpop.

So This Is Christmas

When I saw this this picture, I literally laughed my head off. That's what us non intellectuals do.

Forget conservatism, it is literalism that is killing the Christian faith. Weak minded, shallow thinking sheep who never challenge what they think and need an Anglican Archdeacon to show them the way. That's right, literalism is a fundamentalist's blunt instrument.

It's easier to think that everything in The Word happened exactly as it's written verbatim. The universe was created in six days, Satan appeared as a serpent, Mary's conception was immaculate. To question what's in the Bible is to question the foundation of your faith. Hopefully the outcome will be a more liberal thinking, open minded 21st century Christian.

Thankfully the Church of England, the highly relevant and non symbolic denomination is able to set us straight. The story of Christmas is not a romantic fairly tale as told in the Bible. It's one of a black Jesus, born to a promiscuous mother in a dirty, stinking barn.

What is most important is that we 'think' about the things rather than having a misinformed faith. A Virgin birth may or may not have happened. Jesus might not have literally risen from the dead. Who cares?

The message is muddled, although somewhat well meaning. The sentiment to challenge our thinking is helpful, but it contradicts itself by insulting those who's faith is based on the very foundations of a traditional (read medieval) Bible.

2009 has been a very challenging for me. I'm left finishing this decade feeling a little lost and disillusioned. Hopefully the next ten years will be more enlightening.

Merry Christmas. Have a safe and enjoyable season.