Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Wrong (or I should Be So Lucky)

I'm reading a book called The Luck Factor, by Max Gunther at the moment. It's an interesting read that explores the role of luck in measuring the outcome of our lives.

Luck is a concept that interests me. Not the superstitious kind of luck; rabbits feet and crossed fingers. No, I'm thinking more of the make your own kind of luck. Like right place right time or even that wonderful word serendipity. People who have 'lucky' lives have to extent made good decisions. They haven't necessarily planned their lives out, although at points along their journey they have taken the better path.

The Protestant work ethic is based on luck, it suggests that if you put yourself out there, work hard, then God will bless you. In fact most religions have an aspect of luck to them. One theme is constant and that is to live a good life. This doesn't explain why bad people are lucky, except to say that luck may be indiscriminant.

I'll share more insights once I've finished the book.


Anonymous said...

Wahoo, a blog post from Stephen! This is another excellent topic - I have given a lot thought to this subject (and also "joy", which is somewhat related). My supervisor heard an interview on National Radio on the subject and apparently lucky people are people who take risks - exposing themselves to more opportunities to get lucky (not to be confused with getting laid, though I guess sometimes it's all one and the same). Keep your readership posted! Jody

Stephen Buck said...

Haha, luck is about putting yourself out there. Is it possible that joy is a by-product of risk taking and luck?
Thanks for reading.