Thursday, 19 November 2009

Meat is Murder

For the past couple of years our family has dramatically reduced the amount of meat we eat. It's made a huge difference to our overall health. Less illness, no stomach bugs and both parents have even lost a bit of weight.

Part of the decision was made for us after a dodgy lamb experience from the Mad Butcher's. Apart from tasting like lanolin cream it cost us $30. That buys a lot of fresh fruit and veges we thought. The meat malarkey was over.

Some people have said it's dangerous for the kids, that they're not getting the protein and iron they need. Someone even said that it was no wonder our daughter was so small for her age.

Please. The health benefits have spoken for themselves.

We're not vegetarians, we have meat and fish about once a week. New Zealanders have had meat consumption pushed on them as a patriotic duty. Support the farmers, because they support you.

Farming is killing New Zealand's clean green image. It's a disgusting industry; fertilisers and effluent running into our freshwater supplies everyday. Sure farming is a necessary evil, but the way we do it in New Zealand is revolting.

So join the revolution, become an occasional meat eater and feel better for it.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get lots of verbal feedback, since comments are scant here - you always have an enlightening perspective worth sharing with the masses. You're in my rss feed between "stuff white people like" (which has kind of gone to the dogs) and "60 second idea to improve the world". Meat malarkey post was particularly inspired.

Anonymous said...

Jody Kilpatrick

Stephen Buck said...

Thanks again Jody for your kind words. I need to write to keep myself sane, although I do have a tendency to go off on tangents. I'll try not to let my blog go to the dogs :-)

Anonymous said...

glad you picked up the subtle warning :) jody